Golf Lessons at Tullymore Golf Resort

Whether you are a new golfer, a seasoned veteran or a golfer seeking help with a particular problem with their game, the PGA golf professionals at Tullymore Golf Resort are ready to help.

Our golf professionals offer golf lessons tailored to the individual’s needs and pricing is based on lesson length.

Someone new to the game can benefit from instruction on the importance of a proper grip of the club, how to get the most out of one’s golf swing, proper golf etiquette and techniques on putting, driving, fairway and approach shots and, of course, how to hit out of bunkers. Veteran golfers benefit from tips to improve their overall playing of the game, including increasing their distance off the tee, lowering their scores and/or how to tackle specific problems with their short game, hooks, slices, putting and sand shots.

Both golf courses at the resort offer excellent teaching and practice facilities.

To schedule your customized golf lesson with one of the resort’s outstanding golf instructors, please contact:

Email [email protected]

-or call-

Dan Peterson
St. Ives Golf Club PGA Head Golf Professional
1 (800) 972-4837 ext. 225

Jarrett Dore
Tullymore Golf Club PGA Head Golf Professional
1 (800) 972-4837 ext. 252